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A Place to Come Together, Learn Together, and Grow Together.

The Growth Getter isn't a title that belongs to any single person, but rather to the collective group of those who are on a spiritual journey within. Whether you're a Growth Gettin' God or a Growth Gettin' Goddess, find inspiration to bring you joy and comfort while shifting through those growing pains.

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About Us

A Community Focused on Growth

The Growth Getter's mission is to provide a sanctuary for people to learn together, grow together, and discuss the ups and downs of spiritual journeys.

Totally blissed out after receiving the ultimate dream you've been manifesting? That's great to hear, and we'd love to celebrate with you!

Completely drained after spending a year traveling through the dark night of the soul? The journey to enlightenment is bound to get rough, and we're down to discuss the realities of the dumpster fire it can become.

Whether you're at the peak of enlightenment or trudging through the trauma, The Growth Getter invites all in pursuit of growth.

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More About The Growth Getter

And The Woman Behind The Dream

The Growth Getter was created by a woman with a dream; a dream to share about the ups and downs of spiritual journeys. That woman goes by the name of Fiona Sommer; that woman is me.

After pioneering four failed blogs, covering varying niches, I realized that I was destined for so much more than merely voicing my woes to my audience.

This required growth, understanding, and acceptance of my current calling. The journey was long, and it was not easy. There have been many sleepless nights and endless fights (with myself and those around me). 

Where I once held a deeply rooted belief that I could heal my trauma by bleeding it out onto paper, in attempts to remove the pain within, it was soon revealed that this belief was all wrong.

It was only once I started experiencing back-to-back awakenings, on various levels, that I understood the truth. My act of "bleeding out the trauma" had only created a breeding ground for negativity to grow stronger within myself and my community.

The reality was that I had become a master in manifestation, but by focusing all of my energy on trauma, I was implementing the law of attraction to my detriment.

Upon discovering the truth, and my calling in this moment, I shifted my attention to focusing on growth and gratitude. Soon thereafter, I was given the dream to share the truth surrounding the journey towards growth with my community.

The truth of the matter is that growth, spiritual journeys, and awakenings are all immensely challenging. While the journey is well worth it - it's not all peace, love, and fairy dust. Ultimately, awakening is a gift, and a beautiful one at that. Yet, it is my belief that it is long overdue that transparency be introduced to the scene.


We can all agree that it's great to have the opportunity to witness and learn from these self-help advocates, yogis, and spiritual gurus. But it's ironic that the majority of them portray themselves to be in such a place of enlightenment that it doesn't seem feasible for the rest of us to reach (at least not when we're looking at it in the middle of our mess). What's even more perplexing is that many of them offer similar outlines to reach such a place of enlightenment, and it only requires you to follow 367 steps in a very precise order.

Excuse my over-exaggeration in making my point:

For those of us who are tired of being dragged beneath the struggle bus, it can be less encouraging and more overwhelming to look up and see that the bus to enlightenment is right there in front of us, being driven by that guru whose words we were just following.

The time has come for a safe, open, honest, and nurturing place to be created for those who have not yet made it to the ultimate place of enlightenment. Spoiler alert: It's an unattainable goal, the purpose and the beauty is in journeying towards a higher version of yourself each and every day. 


My hope is that The Growth Getter can be that space for those who are in the spiritual battlefield, trucking through the bullshit, and fighting off demons. Those who need a place of compassion and understanding, filled with like-minded people who have trenched through similar journeys. Those who need to hear from the collective community that they are not alone and that they are not losing their mind, entirely. 

If you're that person who's pushing forward, but continually faces resistance, The Growth Getter was created for you. If you've danced with your demons and learned them by name before finally casting them away - The Growth Getter is for you, as well.

I'm excited for The Growth Getter to provide a space for the collective to come together to grow together. We do this by celebrating in the manifestation of miracles in each other's lives, while simultaneously offering wisdom and support for those traveling through the valleys on the journey to enlightenment. 

As I always say, "There's bound to be bullshit along the way. But if it weren't for all the bullshit, there would be no flowers."

Now accept it, push through it, and get growing you gorgeous gods and goddesses!

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