An Invitation to Grow Together

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I'm so excited to have you as a part of the community here.

Photo by Fiona Sommer

Hello and welcome to The Growth Getter! I'm so excited to finally reveal what I've spent the past month working on by launching The Growth Getter website... well, at least in part. As you can see, the blog is now up and running, so that's something! Plus, if you look up in the top right corner you'll notice that the forum is available for all those in pursuit of growth to connect with one another. That means right off the bat, just one month in, we're halfway to bringing this dream fully into fruition!

In the coming month I plan to make my spiritual services available and to launch The Growth Getter shop. While this will, initially, be a soft launch, the plan is to gradually work in further designs and products during the following 30 days. With a little faith, hope, and pixie dust I'm hoping to have this baby at full throttle just in time for the holidays!

But to make all this line up, just a couple things need to happen:

  • The proper paperwork has to finish being processed by my state's Secretary of State office. You know how these things go - it gets to be a bit of a waiting game when paperwork is involved.

  • I need to bring in the funds to purchase sample items and to back the first orders placed in week one of opening up shop.

This is where I could really use the help of my community. If you want to be a part of getting The Growth Getter shop up and running, go ahead and check out the newly created fundraising campaign and give us a share, or donate if you're in a place to. All support is greatly appreciated, so much so that I've created multiple donation tiers with various combinations of the shop's future merchandise. This way you can go ahead and get a solid idea of the designs that are to come. Plus, you'll be able to make the claim that your contribution helped breathe life into The Growth Getter and you'll be able to rep your support by sporting our logo!

P.S. Promo codes are sent to all backers, regardless of the level you donate at.

2020 Is NOT The Year... But Could It Be?

Right about now you may find yourself thinking, 'Is this chick, crazy? Didn't anybody tell her that COVID-19 caused a recession?' or even 'She's seriously trying to start a business in the midst of a pandemic and a global recession, but doesn't have the wallet to back it?! Girl, please, aint nobody got time or money for that right now!'

If so, I can't say that I blame you in the least. The truth is, I've had multiple moments of pause throughout this whole process. I've had moments of doubt, moments I wanted to give up, and moments I was convinced that I had to be the dumbest person on the planet to undertake this in my current financial situation, and the one that many others find themselves in, as well.

I've stood out on the back porch of our tiny two bedroom apartment, crying and pleading with the universe, 'Why me? Why now? Why am I being called to take this on in this current environment when I have NOTHING to my name to make this happen?'

Those moments were fleeting, even as we entered Mercury Retrograde. For all the psychological challenges and emotional difficulties I struggle to manage on a daily basis, I've been unusually calm for the past couple months. It truly is...eerie...considering the position I find myself in and what 2020 has brought onto my path. It's miraculous considering the fact that I was absolutely freaking out about everything for the first 6 months of the year.

You must understand that this journey has not been easy, as of late, as I'm sure many of you reading this can relate. If you read about how and why The Growth Getter was created, you already know that one of the main purposes of this site is to provide a space for those struggling on their spiritual journeys to share in a transparent atmosphere - where the upsides are addressed right alongside the downsides. So in the spirit of transparency, allow me to pull back the veil and share the recent events that have led up to the creation of this virtual space with all of you.

My partner and I started the year off with a job a piece, allowing us to just barely get by. By the time that March rolled around, I lost my job due to shutdowns that were taking place throughout the world as we first tried, and failed, to address this new virus. Surprisingly, I didn't panic. I accepted my fate and bit the bullet and applied for unemployment for the first time in my life. That's when the growth really started. I've always been a fairly independent woman, priding myself on not having to depend on a man to pay my way in this world. While it may be a confident mindset, it's not exactly loving or respectful of those who are dependent on others. Naturally, that meant it was time for me to grow.

So grow I did.

As I collected unemployment, my partner paid for more and more every day purchases. As I collected unemployment, I cringed each time I checked my bank account. I was grateful, yet also filled with shame and constantly viewing myself as less than for needing some serious help for the first time in my life.

As I found myself focusing on the negative and how unhappy and uncomfortable I was with our financial status, my Inner Goddess reminded me that it was time to either sit down and be quiet or to start manifesting. At the rate I was going, all I was doing was breeding negativity and creating an environment that grew more and more negative with each passing day.

I recalled that The Secret was on Netflix and decided it was about time that I reintroduce some much needed positivity into my atmosphere. If you're unfamiliar with this epic book turned documentary (or is it the other way around?), the premise behind it is to utilize the law of attraction to manifest the life of your dreams into your physical reality.

As a former Christian extremist, I was well aware of the power of prayer and the power that our words have. As a, now, spiritual individual and practitioner of divination, I know full well exactly how powerful manifestation can be.

But for the naysayers and the ones sitting in the back, allow me to proceed, and perhaps, bring you to reconsider your stance.

It's Time to Manifest Reality

While watching The Secret, I made a very important decision to stop agreeing with negativity and to do everything I could to focus on positivity and to bring more of it into my life. Very quickly, things started to shift in my life....just not always in the right direction.

By the beginning of April I had been offered a new job, albeit for half the pay of my former job. I jumped at the opportunity to get back to work, only to be put on standby for another month. So like I was saying, about halfway through May I started working again. After just one week it was made abundantly clear to me that accepting this job offer was not the move to make. It came with all sorts of extras, although I wouldn't necessarily call them perks. Without throwing too much shade on the company, I'll just say that upper and middle management had very minimal protocols in place, so much so that they hadn't a clue how to appropriately handle extreme verbal abuse and physical assault of property. In short, it was far too much drama for far too little pay, with absolutely no training provided.

Thankfully, the following week, both my mother (who I had previously been employed by) and my step-father (who I have a very damaged relationship with) called me asking me to come to work for their businesses. This meant that after spending a month and a half on unemployment and a week working a dead-end job, I would suddenly start making more than I ever had in my life! I was looking at a projected income of just under $15,000 for the summer season, alone. I was beyond excited at the opportunity before me and convinced that I was a master manifester.

Silly me, I should have recognized that this was simply an opportunity for the universe to allow me to realize that I needed to grow to trust my intuition, especially when she was shouting at the top of her lungs that not all that glitters is gold. Little did I know that what initially appeared to be a season of manifestation and power was actually a season of accelerated growth in disguise.

Yet again, just one week later, I found my financial situation shifting. In retrospect, I should have known that any opportunity I took that my step-father was involved in would fail. I won't unpack our dirty laundry here, but just understand that when I say our relationship was already severely damaged that I'm talking about decades worth of damage within this one relationship. Obviously, it was going to fail and was only meant to be an opportunity of growth, revelation, and acceptance.

It was only a matter of time before my step-father crossed the line and invaded a huge boundary for the last time. I quickly discovered that I had made a mistake. Yes, the money was good, but no amount of money is worth being degraded and shamed by another, particulary if that individual is a parental figure. Ultimately, the working environment quickly became toxic and I had to walk away. But this was only after my partner also lost his job in the midst of the coronavirus hysteria.

At the end of May, we were left on one sole income to support the both of us. My concerns of catching the virus were growing, as I understand that I'm at a much higher risk of contracting the virus due to my excessive weight, an autoimmune disorder, and respiratory issues. Just as my concerns were peaking, my Aunt (whom I worked with) contracted the virus.

Trust me when I say I high tailed it out of there. I love my mom and I hate to have put her in such a rough situation with the extreme influx she was seeing in her business at the time. I'm all for the natural approach and I share her love of essential oils, but I could not get that woman to understand that this is not the time. This is the time for something stronger, that has a 99.99% success rate at wiping out germs.

That being said, I'm glad I left. The level of sickness that enveloped the bodies of my partner and myself in the following days was unreal. To be frank, I had my doubts as all these individuals were coming forward with wildly different symptoms. I didn't understand how one individual could be so severely affected by COVID, while another only had minor symptoms. That was, until it happened to me. Fortunately, my Aunt and my mother had very minor symptoms. I, on the other hand, was contemplating checking both my partner and I into the hospital. It's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Despite finding ourselves completely broke, and with a previously scheduled trip quickly approaching, I still remained optimistic. I continued to keep my mindset some miracle.

I had started keeping a daily gratitude journal ever since I had watched The Secret, and was sure to include those things not yet physically in my grasp.

In short, I was diligently working on creating a reality far different from the one I found myself living in. I was manifesting all sorts of things, or at least attempting to. The law of attraction didn't end with my attempts to manifest wealth and financial stability into my life. I was working to create everything that I envisioned for myself - a healthy body capable of carrying a child to full term, a stronger bond between my partner and I that resulted in marriage, full acceptance of me by his family, the perfect cob home with a wraparound greenhouse included, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with and understanding of my Inner Goddess.

Once August rolled around, it was time for my investment to begin paying off. As we drove the RV from North Carolina to Alabama, my anxiety started to subside and I couldn't understand why. After all, I was meeting some crucial family members of my partner's for the first time, and up until then I had been very concerned that since my own family wasn't the biggest fan of me, that his family may not be accepting of me either. Plus, there was the minor concern that because his family primarily adheres to the Lutheran faith that they just might be put off my this hippy-dippy rune casting witch.

Yet I found this surreal peace enveloping my body. Somehow, I just expected that this was the moment that my manifestations would begin to change my reality.

Would you doubt me if I told you that our very first night there I was accepted with open arms by six members of his family? Would you be shocked if I told you that that same night Anders' cousin told him, and I quote, "You're a fucking idiot if you don't put a ring on her finger"?

Would you call it a coincidence if I shared that just before my birthday, on September 22nd, that Anders did, indeed, ask me to be his bride? What if I mentioned that two years ago, when we first found each other, that we were both highly resistant to the idea of marriage?

It's all true, and I sit here and look at this ring on my finger, shocked that it's actually there despite our financial situation, it's clear that this ring is more than a symbol of our love. It's also a symbol of possibility, magic, and the power of manifestation.

As I type this blog and receive message after message from Guy (Anders' only cousin who is also on a spiritual journey), it's clear to me that none of this is a coincidence. In fact, it's the exact opposite. It's reality, a newfound one that I have begun to create by utilizing the law of attraction.

All Doubt Has Been Washed Away

To once again address those who may still be questioning my sanity, the answer to your question is no. I'm not least not in this regard.

I have simply grown.

I have grown to understand that those who do not serve my higher good, and instead work towards my downfall, have no place in my life.

I have grown to accept that I am not the sole party responsible for damages that have taken place within my familial relationships.

I've grown to truly believe that I do have a place and a family in this world, and that it's more than alright that my newfound family has no blood relation to me.

I've grown to see the beauty in the struggle and to understand that as much as it sucks to trudge through the bullshit, that there wouldn't be any flowers if it weren't for all that bullshit we had to push through.

I've grown to embrace the calling on my life in this moment to create a space for like-minded people to come together and have an open and honest discussion about the beauty in the struggle of this exceptional journey we've been led to.

After all that's happened, and all the beautiful flowers that have sprouted through the copious amounts of bullshit, how can I stop when I'm this close to fully changing my reality, for good? Why in the world would I stop when the only thing standing in my way is a measily few thousand dollars.

In the past two months the universe had heard my thoughts, my cries, and my prayers, and it has delivered. It's delivered a new family that loves me to my core. It's delivered a stronger and much calmer connection between Anders and I. And as a bonus, it miraculously ensured that this ring ended up on my finger, even though there wasn't a dollar to be spent on that either.

Call me crazy if you want, but I've grown to believe that the universe can provide for all my needs and even my desires, regardless of what the world or my bank account may try to convince me of. There is no lack, the only lack that exists is that which I perceive. And going into 2021, I'm expecting and perceiving growth, manifestation, and the fulfillment of dreams. 2020 was hard enough for us all.

If you've made it this far, what are you waiting for?

It's no coincidence that you've been led here and made it to the end of this blog. If what I've said here resonates, go ahead and hit that subscribe button! Better yet, join us in the forum and become a part of our little community today.

Until next time, get growing you beautiful gods and goddesses!

Fiona Sommer originally got her start in freelance writing by ghostwriting blogs, ads, reviews, and how-to guides for pennies. A few years later, she found a platform on Medium to share her own voice, and share she did. She created not just one, not just two, but four radically failed blogs. After spending a lifetime of being buried beneath the bullshit, she finally stopped resisting the universe and chose to grow through the bullshit, instead. This resulted in her accepting the calling on her life to create a transparent space for the collective community to come together, learn together, and growth together. Thus The Growth Getter was born. Fiona is a firm believer that if she can find a way to grow through the bullshit, rather than allowing it to keep her buried, that there's absolutely no reason that the rest of her community can't join her on the mission of growing through it. She hopes you agree and will partner with her in choosing growth through all things, no matter the challenge.