Big Changes And Accelerated Growth Are Coming Quickly

I couldn't be more excited about the fine-tuned vision and direction I have been given! With this new path, I can see the community growing here, and reaching all who need the insight, direction, guidance, and encouragement we have to offer.

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The Growth Getter was created to be a space for the collective community to come together, learn together, and grow together - first and foremost. Currently, none of these purposes are actually being fulfilled.

"Why?" you may ask.

The answer is simple - because I, Fiona Sommer, creatrix of The Growth Getter, started this space while existing in a state of carelessness. Yes, I wanted The Growth Getter to succeed. Yes, I wanted to reach the masses. Yes, I wanted to have the shop up and running looooong before we reached this point.

Yet as a new business owner (because that's technically what this is), I had no idea how to make this work or who to turn to for help. So many things have happened, and shifted, as a result of trial and error. And I am so very thankful for the lessons I have learned and the insight that has been revealed to me along the way.

What Started As a Dream

When I started this website, it was my intention to maintain a blog, a forum, and a shop. Those things were in my comfort zone, and I was hopeful that through utilizing my skills I would be successful in reaching the community.

I named the company The Growth Getter, so I wasn't at all surprised to discover that taking on this new project would grow me in incredible ways. I'll be honest, at first, I wasn't ecstatic about the changes that were being made.

The first download I got was that I needed to begin offering my spiritual services before opening shop. That wasn't my plan at all, so I had a choice to either continue on my same path, or to force myself outside my comfort zone.

I was plagued with all sorts of questions and concerns, like:

"But I've only ever offered my readings to friends, family, and those who find their way to me - and I've always done it for free!"

My Inner Goddess answered, "And at what cost? For years you have given your time and your energy to people for free - impacting their lives in profound ways while struggling to find a way to keep food on the table for yourself. You are worthy, and it is more than reasonable for you to charge for the clarity, peace, and guidance you have to offer."

"Okay, I understand. But I haven't grown this community yet. The only person here is still just me. What if they think it's all just a scam? What if they think I'm a phony?"

My Inner Goddess replied, "You were never meant to concern yourself with the opinions of others. The ones who are meant to find you will find you. You shouldn't worry about what the rest think."

"Okay, that resonates. But what if-"

My Inner Goddess quickly got fed up, "Look, witch. Are you in, or are you out? I'm not here for all the fear and self-doubt. I thought we squashed that already, but I guess not. Just listen and get ready, because eventually, you're going to be going live in front of these people. Keep asking questions, and that time will come faster than you think."

After having that very short and direct chat with my Inner Goddess, I knew it was time to take action.

My first step was to apply as a psychic advisor to all the biggest and latest Psychic Services that are out there. To my surprise, I was contacted by three different companies who wanted to hire me as a part of their team! After going through rigorous interviews and receiving an abundance of information, I ended up onboarding with a company, called MysticSense, that pays their advisors some of the highest rates around. They take 48% of the cut, while I take 52% of the cut!

Now those may not seem like the fairest of terms, but trust me when I say it's far better than some of the alternatives that are out there. Plus, this company truly does work hard to protect its advisors from any type of abuse that may be happening within the system.

That being said, I've encountered my fair share of issues while working on the platform, and now completely understand why my Inner Goddess said what she said all those months ago.

MysticSense has provided me with the opportunity to become comfortable in charging for readings and has shown me exactly how much some of these clients are willing to pay. I've seen other psychics charge as much as $8 per minute (that's $480 per hour, of which the advisor keeps approximately $250) for certain services, and I'm shocked and amazed at how active they are with such high rates. This has been a real eye-opener, with one major takeaway for me:

I have a gift that is valued by many who are willing to pay some pretty generous rates just to get a little guidance in their lives. More importantly - I have value, I am worthy!

And then I was left wondering, "Why did I give away so much time and energy, to so many, for so many years?"

Now I'm all for helping people, and for doing it for free when there is a need. But I've come to learn that the insight I'm sharing adds great value to the lives of others. And if that is the case, there is absolutely no reason for me to go hungry when I should be charging for the value I add to the lives of others - not to mention all of the risks, sage, palo santos, crystals, and grounding time that this type of work involves.

This Is The Way

Since then, I have learned much and accepted even more. One of the main takeaways being that to reach the community that I know that I know that I know is out there, I have to get in front of a screen.

*Insert cringe here.*

I really really dislike being in front of the screen, even for photos. So...there's that.

But as it turns out, I dislike being financially unstable on this level, even more. I know there's no reason for me to continue living in lack. Paricularly when I know that my message is one of importance that can help bring peace, guidance, and light to the paths of others. I know that I traveled the path I did to allow me to share my gifts and my wisdom with others, allowing them to find a better path of their own.

After receiving my newfound direction, it seems that fulfilling my purpose will be much easier on the path I am transitioning to. This means that the setup of The Growth Getter will be changing, but as the community has yet to grow, I don't think anybody will be taking up issue with this.

If everything goes according to plan, in the beginning of April, I will transition our weekly 'Message of Growth' collective zodiac readings. Each Sunday evening my time will be spent on uploading these readings to YouTube. Then I'll link back to them on The Growth Getter's forum under the 'Messages of Growth' section.

In addition, I'll be regularly uploading videos that explain the meanings of each of the Tarot cards, and how you could further interpret information from certain imagery. This way, the community can begin to learn the craft of reading Tarot, allowing them to focus on better interpreting specific messages that may come through.

Then, once I get fairly comfortable in front of the camera, I plan to begin live-streaming on Twitch, where we can have live discussions concerning not only the Tarot, but all of the varying aspects of spirituality.

Taking Control

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, and of course, being scared isn't really a good look for the spiritual community. I know full well that this is an agreeance with fear, yet I also know that this is a part of the human experience. So I will live from Spirit, as much as I can, and confront my fear. And when it comes down to it, I'll do it scared, if I have to, until I'm no longer scared.

I will no longer allow my fear to hold me back from sharing the message that is meant for the community.

More important than my fear, is my excitement. And yes, despite being scared shitless to take on this new venture, I'm excited. I'm excited to interact with new people, I'm excited to bring clarity and gratitude to the forefront of people's minds, I'm excited to teach others how to find their own clarity, and I'm excited to grow the community at The Growth Getter.

Just as soon as all of my new goodies have made their way to my humble abode, I'll be able to get started in sharing new messages with you guys! Truly, I can't wait to see what I learn and the blessings that the future will hold for all of us.

Until next time, I'm sending love and light to each and every one of you beautiful growth gettin' gods and goddesses.

Fiona Sommer originally got her start in freelance writing by ghostwriting blogs, ads, reviews, and how-to guides for pennies. A few years later, she found a platform on Medium to share her own voice, and share she did. She created not just one, not just two, but four radically failed blogs. After spending a lifetime of being buried beneath the bullshit, she finally stopped resisting the universe and chose to grow through the bullshit, instead. This resulted in her accepting the calling on her life to create a transparent space for the collective community to come together, and grow together. Thus The Growth Getter was born. Fiona is a firm believer that if she can find a way to grow through the bullshit, rather than allowing it to keep her buried, that there's absolutely no reason that the rest of her community can't join her on the mission of growing through it. She hopes you agree and will partner with her in choosing growth through all things, no matter the challenge.

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