Spiritually Based Services and Merchandise to Come

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Dream analysis, oracle readings, The Growth Getter t-shirts, Mercury mugs, and more!

Photo by Fiona Sommer

In just one month, The Growth Getter has come quite a long way. It's crazy to think that just a few weeks ago, The Growth Getter didn't have a name, or a tangible space, or a domain name. But now, here I sit typing these words into our brand new blog - creating even more expansion within The Growth Getter. Even though the website is still in its infancy stages, I'm grateful for every single step we make here towards creating a community of like-minded people who can come together, learn together, and grow together!

Currently, all visitors already have access to The Growth Getter blog and forum. While it may not look like much just yet, these pages will soon grow to become the very heart and soul of the website. I'm so excited to offer this space for the community to connect virtually with one another, especially amidst all the craziness that's going on.

While the blog and forum are already up and running, it's certainly not all The Growth Getter has to offer.

The Growth Getter Expansion

In the coming days to weeks, as corresponding paperwork is processed, I'll be able to make my Spiritual Services available to all who come here who may need a little extra insight, guidance, or clarity as they navigate the paths they've been led to.

The services I plan to offer include:

  • Dream analysis

  • Oracle reading

  • Tarot reading

  • Rune reading

  • One-on-one spiritual guidance

Let me go ahead and clarify that I am not an instructor of any sort, nor do I hold any fancy credentials or make any claims that I am ordained. That being said, in my little community of friends and loved ones, locally, I've been the go-to on matters of the spiritual nature for years. What started as a pull to the runes quickly morphed. Soon enough I found myself doing rune casts not only on myself, but also on those who were led to me.

As these journeys often go, my interest in divination tools grew as I realized how useful they can be. I find that these tools can bring insight and clarity to nearly any issue an individual may have.

If you're someone who's not too keen on the inclusion of divination tools when seeking spiritual guidance, that's cool too. I totally understand, as I've walked that path as well.

For those desiring a little extra guidance or insight, without all the extra bells and whistles, I'll be more than happy to talk things through one-on-one with you and see if we can make heads or tails of the situation at hand. Your recent dreams could provide valuable insight into the areas of your life that are causing strain or confusion. I believe that dreams are often given to us to download information to us, bring clarity, or to sound the alarm. But it's up to us to decipher those dreams and determine the true nature of the message being delivered as we sleep.

These are all services that I have been providing to my own community for several years, but feel that the time has come for me to extend my services to those who may not be able to so easily access this type of spiritual guidance.

In addition to spiritual services, spiritually based merchandise will also be rolling out in the following weeks-months.

But for this part, I need your help!

The initial designs are all squared away and ready to be printed on the merchandise, and if I don't say so myself, they look pretty snazzy!

Photo by Fiona Sommer

This is just a sneak peek of what's to come. If you want to check out all the designs and learn about the other merchandise that will be available, head over to our crowdfunding campaign and check it out!

If you're in a place to help our dreams become a reality, and feel led to donate, I'm excited to be able to offer you a gift (or several) in return. When clicking on the link, you'll notice varying levels at which you can donate. At each giving level, you'll receive one or more of The Growth Getter products as a thank you!

Even if you aren't in a place to share, but you're already making plans to get your hands on some merch, I've got an offer for you, as well. For all who take the time to create a user account on The Growth Getter and share this blog, I'll send you a promo code (through email or social media accounts) to use as soon as the store launches! As a bonus, if you share The Growth Getter's crowdfunding campaign directly to your social media, I'll send you a promo code for even deeper discounts as a thank you for helping me spread the word.

I thank you a million times over for helping me get eyes on this fundraiser and for your contributions to making The Growth Getter become a reality.

About half of each donation will cover the design, production, shipping, packaging, and fees of the rewards merchandise. The remainder of each donation will go toward backing the first orders that are processed, covering insurance fees, and the purchase of the initial sample products.

By ordering sample products before releasing new items, I can ensure that all products offered are of the highest quality. Once the product is perfected, each finalized sample product will be gifted back to The Growth Getter community through future giveaways! Now doesn't that sound fun?

I can't wait to grow the community here and look forward to chatting with and getting to know all of you. Until next time - keep growing, you beautiful gods and goddesses!

Fiona Sommer originally got her start in freelance writing by ghostwriting blogs, ads, reviews, and how-to guides for pennies. A few years later, she found a platform on Medium to share her own voice, and share she did. She created not just one, not just two, but four radically failed blogs. After spending a lifetime of being buried beneath the bullshit, she finally stopped resisting the universe and chose to grow through the bullshit, instead. This resulted in her accepting the calling on her life to create a transparent space for the collective community to come together, and grow together. Thus The Growth Getter was born. Fiona is a firm believer that if she can find a way to grow through the bullshit, rather than allowing it to keep her buried, that there's absolutely no reason that the rest of her community can't join her on the mission of growing through it. She hopes you agree and will partner with her in choosing growth through all things, no matter the challenge.