The Fool Tarot Card

Freedom in beginnings or a foolish stalemate?

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Keywords of The Fool

Upright Reversed

New beginnings Risky behavior

Adventure Careless

Freedom Foolish

Innocence Gullible

New love Resistance to commitment

Adventures in romance Bored and unmotivated

New career beginnings Reckless career moves

Fresh inspiration Caution

Opportunity Financial risks

Financial freedom Immaturity

Ruling element: Air

Ruling planet: Uranus

General Message of The Fool

In The Raven's Prophecy Tarot Deck, we see the silhouette of a young child with their arms joyfully reached out towards the heavens. While the bright sun hangs above him, the colors of the night blend together beautifully behind him. In the standard card of The Fool, the child has a sack with him, but in The Raven's Prophecy, he has nothing at all. This could indicate that he isn't thinking of the dangers that may lie ahead, as he is throwing caution to the wind and racing towards the light (even though more dangers could be hidden in the darkness during his late hour of action).

The colorful night sky is dimming darker as the guiding Northern star is drifting further into the sky. If The Fool continues on his journey with such little preparation, he is likely to encounter unexpected challenges and threats within the darkness as he continues along his journey. The Fool is focused on chasing after his hopes and dreams, but at what expense?

Message of The Fool Upright

You've likely noticed that The Fool card is numbered 0, but did you know that this is a number of infinite potentials? The Fool is the symbol of innocence, still pliable and able to take on new character and shape as he continues on his journey. It is part of the beauty of childhood and the child-like spirit.

When The Fool appears within a reading, this almost always signifies a new journey that is ahead or, perhaps, already unfolding. He is feeling more optimistic than ever as he embarks on this journey with his newfound freedom in tow, forgetting the worries of everything he's left behind. Every day is approached with joy and seen as an adventure through the eyes of the childlike heart inside of The Fool. He is filled with the belief that he can accomplish anything he wants, as all he can see is the land of opportunity that lies before him.

"Even if things go wrong ahead, The Fool will still charge forward and continue to meet these challenges and opportunities with joy and amazement."

The Fool brings courage and inspiration to those who are more reserved and typically shy away from any risk-taking. He lends his feelings of wonder and awe to feed the curiosity bubbling forth from within your Spirit, guiding you towards the new chances that are waiting for you with each and every day. Even if things go wrong ahead, The Fool will still charge forward and continue to meet these challenges and opportunities with joy and amazement.

Love & Relationship Message of The Fool Upright

The Fool can often appear to communicate messages related to love and relationships. If this card has been dealt to you and you are not already in a new relationship, or friendship, there's a good indication that one may be on the horizon. Prepare for adventure to enter your life through this union, and be willing to shake things up as this possible soulmate or twin flame enters the scene. Stay willing to take risks within your relationships and expand upon your horizons. Keep your eyes wide open, as this next relationship has the potential to reveal to you what you truly need and desire and to change your perceptions of yourself, and the world, at large. Don't be shocked if this lover or friend seemingly appears out of thin air, as that will only be the first of many surprises that lie ahead for you.

The Fool may be appearing to you to encourage you to step out of your fear, take a chance, and have faith that things will go splendidly. Remember, if you allow fear to hold you back, you will never have the opportunity to learn what lies on the other side of that fear. Stay positive as you proceed and know that it's safe to expect for everything to work out just fine.

Career & Finance Message of The Fool Upright

If The Fool isn't speaking directly to your love life, he may be shedding some light on what is to come (or what path you should take) in regards to your finances and career. If you've been applying for new jobs, considering a career change, or contemplating opening a business of your own - The Fool comes as your sign to take the chance and to step into the new opportunity that lies before you. Even if you don't get the promotion or don't see an increase in income, the change in pace and environment could end up being exactly the breath of fresh air that you need to find true inspiration. No matter what, keep your eyes wide open to new opportunities that are coming your way right now - The Fools is hinting that you should embrace these newfound opportunities with open arms and reap in the blessings that flow.

Then there's the chance that The Fool could be pointing directly towards your finances. Have you been itching to get away to the beach for some cleansing and rejuvenation? Perhaps you've been trying to come up with the time (or the money) to get up to the mountains for a long weekend. If that's the case, don't be shocked if unexpected funds show up to cover the cost of those expenses. The Fool is saying to you, "Don't walk, but run towards your next adventure. So much is waiting for you, just step out in faith!"

Message of The Fool Reversed

If The Fool appears in reverse in your reading, you can suspect that he's up to his foolish ways and attempting to direct your attention to the fact that he isn't the only one who can make that claim. In many cases, you don't have to dig deep to find the meaning of his presence. Have you been wondering if a particular decision was foolish, or regretting a recent action you took? Well, The Fool in reverse can be here to remind that you that that was a foolish decision, indeed. The time is now to open your eyes and recognize the position you find yourself in and start planning for a way to rectify the situation.

"It may be time to heed his warning and start planning for the future, instead of living only for what today holds."

If things are in too terrible of a situation, The Fool could be drawing your attention to the fact that you are acting recklessly, now, before it's too late. It may be time to heed his warning and start planning for the future, instead of living only for what today holds. The Fool's reversal could also be a message of awareness, somebody may be trying to take advantage of you at this time! The message "not all that glitters is gold" could be applied here.

Love & Relationship Message of The Fool Reversed

When The Fool is in reverse and speaking to your relationship, he's warning you to approach your love life with caution, at this time. If you are dealing with a new lover, keep the possibility in the back of your mind that everything may not be as it is being presented. Be wary and mindful that wearing those rose-tinted glasses around all the time could cloud your vision and prevent you from seeing the true nature of what's happening in your relationships. There is a serious possibility that one, or both parties, in the relationship may need to grow in maturity before they are capable of maintaining a healthy relationship.

Career & Finance Message of The Fool Reversed

When The Fool appears in his reversal in a career reading, he is hinting that the individual may be a touch too headstrong in the workforce. While your eagerness and willingness to get the job done, you may not have the foresight to complete it. Then there's always the chance that you've simply bitten off more than you can chew, no thanks to that overly optimistic mood you've likely been in.

Remember that there are others on your team who are affected and carefully consider what you are doing before taking action. Don't forget that those coworkers are there for a reason, and consider that it may be time to ask for help from someone in a higher position. If The Fool isn't talking to your need to rush into and get the job done, it may be solidifying how bored, unmotivated, and stuck you are feeling at work. If you are feeling stuck, consider that The Fool may be communicating that you need to think about this decision carefully before acting on it, as there may be hidden dangers and obstacles that are hidden along that road. There's a chance that your inaction is keeping you where you need to be for the time being.

Of course, The Fool could be directly pointing to your financial situation. Are you having money problems? Are you noticing that the pending transactions are finally catching up and that you don't have the funds to cover them? If so, The Fool in reverse is telling you that you need to step back and take a good, hard look at your finances and to find a way to approach them more maturely and responsibly.

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