The Growth Getter's Fundraising Campaign

Perhaps you've already heard, but just in case you haven't:

The Growth Getter is running a crowdfunding campaign!

As you can see, The Growth Getter has a long way to go and could really use your help in bringing our dream fully into reality.

I'm already so thankful and so hopeful for everything that has already come into fruition. The website is created (with the blog and forum already being live), all social media accounts have been created, the email is set up, images have been created, and I've even gotten the Spiritual Services up and running through Etsy!

So what could I possibly need your help for, and where, exactly, did I find the kahones to ask for such help in our current economic client?

As I said, I've got all the designs created for the clothing and other merchandise that I want to offer as a part of The Growth Getter's shop. Now that the Spiritual Services section has gone live, this will greatly aid me in working towards this goal. However, with your help, I could get the shop up and running even sooner! My hope is to have the entirety of The Growth Getter launched and thriving by Christmas time.

When you donate to The Growth Getter's fundraiser, your donation will be backing the costs of design, production, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and handling. In addition, these donations would cover other hidden costs associated with starting up an e-commerce business, such as securing insurance for internet sales and providing high-speed internet coverage. Given the past year we've had, my hope and my dream is to be able to host frequent giveaways when soft launching this store. This means that the sample products purchased through your donation won't just sit on the shelf somewhere, they'll actually go back into the collective community!

All support is sincerely appreciated, whether that comes in the form of sharing the word or donating to the cause. I'm happy to send a promo code for future use to all who directly share our fundraiser through any social media platforms (just be sure to tag me so I can see it). As a thank you to those who donate at any rewards level, you will have a decent selection of The Growth Getter merchandise to choose from. Simply choose the donation level with the goodies that best suit your fancy. What better way could there be to show your support than to actually wear it around?

When donating to The Growth Getter's fundraiser, you can be one of the first to sport our logo, before any of our very first customers get their hands on our sweet merchandise.

If you haven't already, be sure to hit that like and subscribe button. Whether we hit our goal or not, this way you can stay informed of when The Growth Getter shop launches.